On your marks….

10 Principles to Make Your Travels Memorable – Our Travel ManifestoQuite a few people have commented that we are brave to do what we are doing, leaving our jobs, packing up our home, selling our cars and leaving with no return ticket. Put like that it does seem a bit ‘out there’ but it’s not that bad. The reality is we have always wanted to do this and now the time is right. It would be more difficult to stay….of course we will miss our family, especially our girls but they are adults and no one would bat an eyelid if they went on a long OE. Yes, we are taking a risk professionally, yes, we are taking a risk financially but from our perspective we have everything to gain. A wealth of experience lies ahead of us, new people to meet, old friends to re-connect with, new places to go, new adventures to be had.

When I went on my first OE in 1985 all I had to do was pack up my flat, leave boxes with my parents, get an international drivers licence and a pile of traveller’s cheques. The list this time is quite a bit longer! Insurances to take out, insurances to put to sleep, a storage shed to organise and a house to pack up. relatives to placate, inoculations to be had, jobs to leave (tears!) and so much more. It has all taken time but the list is getting shorter. We are in serious countdown now! The excitement level is getting higher.



6 thoughts on “On your marks….

  1. Gemma

    Wow. You guys are amazing. Sounds like you are very organised. All the best finishing off the last bits and bobs. Counting down with you xx


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