And go!


After all the waiting and all the planning the departure day is almost here! Our house is packed up and in a shed, please note the quality of the boxes. The cat has not been packed away, he gets to stay with Hannah & Iain (our daughter and son-in-law). We are staying with family for the weekend and then on Tuesday we leave. We have had some lovely farewells, tears have been shed, laughs shared but with the wonders of technology we will stay in touch. This blog is one way, I have also started a instagram account @culinary_nomad and there will be more under Susan_cooks. I love food and even more I love to cook for others, so I have decided that one thing to do while we are away is to share the foodie things we discover as we travel.

Other last minute jobs have included learning to ride a scooter, this will be our main transport in Ranong, Thailand. Considering that I can drive a small truck and I am currently driving a large 4WD the scooter was an experience. The throttle takes some getting used to and I was warned that turning corners wasn’t always that ea??????????sy for beginners so off I set at the roaring speed of 20k’s in the back streets of Manurewa. I was reluctant to do a full turn after the warning so I pretty much drove straight until I had no choice but to turn around and come back. Mike and his brother Rob were a little worried about my lengthy departure! By the time I returned I could now hit 30kmph, use the brakes and sort of turn. Thank goodness we will be using a scooter in a small place and not somewhere like Bangkok!

2 more sleeps and then it is GO!


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