1,000 Buddhist Monks go to Bangkok

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On our way home from the floating market we came across, what for us was, a most extra-ordinary sight. 1,000 Buddhist monks marching into Bangkok where they would be part of a mass almsgiving. The monks receiving and people giving food and gifts. The monks walk from monastery to monastery, about 20kms a day I think. The monks travel bare foot and only eat one meal a day which has to be eaten before mid-day.  This was clearly a well organised event and many people came to see the monks and pray. Mats were laid out and then yellow flowers (carnations?) placed on them for the monks to walk upon. When the monks had walked by people came behind and swept up the flowers and rolled up the mats, all ready for the next stage of this journey!




2 thoughts on “1,000 Buddhist Monks go to Bangkok

  1. Gemma

    I saw alms giving in Laos last year. Not on such a grand scale as this but still very special and something I felt very privileged to experience. Although, most of the monks received rice, I noticed Moro bars and chocolate were also given. Hopefully they were eaten before they melted.
    Loving your blog! Gemma xx

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  2. Bryan

    Testing the water here as not too sure how all this works, but it looks simple enough. So for now i’ll just say thanks for the photos and words so far. I’ll be following you. Bryan.


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