Let’s go shopping!

Fruit stall
lemon grass !
Meat stall and that is an empty pigs head you can see! Absolutely no idea what you would do with this.
Dried fish
Air dried fish
The bikes are everywhere!
More dried fish.
Are we finished yet?
This leads to the indoor market and then through to the wet market.
And more dried fish!
Sorting fish
Fresh fish
The indoor market, mind the scooter!
Eating at the Sunday night ‘Walking Market’
A flat bread that is cooked over charcoal and then it puffs up.
Sunday night walking market.
Flat, angular fish, not sure what type.
Sorting the fish.

In both Bangkok and here in Ranong I am  amazed at the amount of shopping opportunities available to people. Shops large and small are everywhere. In Bangkok one of the larger malls has shops with Bentley, Ferrari and other European high end cars. Here in Ranong the shopping, while plentiful, is a little more basic.

Only a matter of minutes from our apartment is one of the main market areas. It includes a wet market, one section is meat, another is fish,then fruit and vegetables. It covers quite a large area. Very near this are clothes stalls, phone stalls, a shop selling birds and bird cages, a white ware store, a number of rice stalls and of course your many choices of freshly cooked food and drink. There is food here that I have no idea what to do with. We are enjoying eating out as it is often the same price if not cheaper than cooking at home.  As you work your way around the alleys of the market you find yourself dodging the motor scooters. Entire families move around on scooters, people eat as they drive, transport their children – including infants, they txt and use their phones, we have seen hands free too. You tuck your phone into your helmet (most wear one) and voilà hands free!

For the month of February a section of one of the main roads is closed for a Sunday night walking market. This was a lot of fun with people singing, goods being sold, activities for children and a huge array of food to tempt us. The lights and the happy atmosphere made this a very enjoyable evening. We will go again this Sunday!


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