Traffic Madness

In my last blog I spoke about the traffic in Vietnam and my friend Kamila commented asking how was it different from places such as Bangkok. Well look at these photos and see for yourself!

In Ho Chi Minh City there was also a sense of fashion for bikes. Many women wore a full length apron/skirt over their outfit, they had gloves that came right up their arms and this often went with a matching face mask! These products were all for sale in shops and markets. Crossing the road in Vietnam is a life changing experience, potentially life ending. We are still experiencing big issues with the laptop and the internet and we need both to do the blog with photos. Consequently we are really behind with the posts. Hopefully we will get a few up this week. You walk side by side and keep an even pace, the traffic anticipates your next step and moves around you. You DON”T change your pace. I am embarrassed to say that whilst learning this manoeuvre we used two elderly women as our human shields and walked with them as they crossed the road! So you are dealing with this and traffic that is coming from the other direction than you expect – in New Zealand we drive on the left, in Vietnam they drive on the right….. or the left, or the centre, or the footpath, you get the idea.

No matter what you need to transport a motor bike can do it, we have seen a bed on trailer behind a bike, a 5m length of pipe being carried on a bike, 5 people was the most we saw on one bike. The list goes on and on so I will let the photos can speak for themselves. This is a selection from Ranong, Thailand and from Vietnam.


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