Sarawak, laid back and friendly

We went to stay in Kuching, Sarawak to visit a friend and to see the wild life. This is a part of Malaysia not many people come to. Kuching is a small city, clean, friendly and laidback. It doesn’t have the sophistication of KL and consequently it doesn’t have the price tag of KL. A plus in our book! Our accommodation was a one bedroom apartment and there was a glorious pool on the same floor!

We did three main things in Kuching, we wondered around the old town and water front, up and down all kinds of lanes and alleys ending up with a great dinner at a local food hall.

Susan and Lillian outside the museum
Susan and Lillian outside the museum

The next day we went to the Sarawak Cultural Village. This was touristy but well worth the visit especially as we weren’t able to go further afield in Sarawak. We visited a variety of Long Houses and saw a cultural show. All in all a great trip, even the scenery on the way out was enjoyable. One thing that really struck us was the similarities with Maori and Pasifika designs in the weaving and carving, even some of the dance moves were familiar. We had a nostalgic moment or two on this trip.

Our final excursion was to the Semenggoh Nature Reserve to see the orangutan. This is a really large (600+ha) jungle where orangutan live. It is not a zoo. Twice a day food is put out and if the orangutan are hungry they come out to feed. Bummer, at our visit they weren’t hungry!!! Only one came out and he was quite a distance away, Mike took this photo with a long lense.  We were also told that the orangutan wouldn’t come out if there was a lot of noise. Amazing how people can’t keep quiet. There were about 50 people present for this viewing, and during our hour wait, cell phones rang and were answered, text messages were  sent and received and normal volume conversations occurred. The park ranger gave a number of reminders to be quiet. Honestly, I was so ready to do my ‘I’m so disappointed’ school teacher speech but it could have ended badly!

It was a subdued Susan and a more philosophical Mike who returned the hotel. In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a biggy but….That night we went out with Lillian and a friend to have a Chinese seafood meal and  a night drive around Kuching.

Sweet and Sour fish!
Sweet and Sour fish!

We enjoyed our time here in this laid back, friendly city. Maybe we will have to return!


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