Oh to be in England now that spring is here….

It is hard to believe that our 2 1/2 weeks in England has come amd gone. We arrived to a beautiful sunny spring day, we initially enjoyed the cooler temperature but that wore off! But the scenery has not disappointed, spring is here and it is SO BEAUTIFUL!

We have split our time here among friends and family, starting in Eastbourne in Sussex, then the Isle of Wight, then Chippenham in Wiltshire and finally Verwood in Dorset. Quickly it became apparent that it would be a good idea to join both the National Trust and English Heritage. Already we have got our monies worth from these memberships. We have walked around beautiful gardens and park-lands, visited a variety of stately homes and learnt  a lot.

Lots of photos to share with you! I know some of you think I moved to the dark side when I bought my Samsung A7 phone but the proof is in the pudding. All these photos are from my new phone and have not seen lightroom or anything else.

Eastbourne and Battle Abbey, Sussex

Kingston Lacey, an historical home with a beautiful garden in Dorset.

The Isle of Wight, this is the home of our Wanaka friend Caroline, it was great fun to be with her, met her family and see this place we hear her talk about.

Avebury in Wiltshire has the world’s largest pre-historic stone circle. This amazing site encompasses a gorgeous little village. A brilliant alternative to Stonehenge.

Lacock Abbey and the Fox Talbot Museum again in Wiltshire. This was an interesting mix! William Henry Fox Talbot was an early photographer and is believed to be the person who ‘invented’ the F-Stop. This was his home and the site of many of his early photographs. Before his family had this house it was an Abbey, founded by Ela the Countess of Salisbury, quite an amazing woman by all accounts. Her story makes for inspiring and interesting reading. She and her husband, William Longespee were instrumental in the building of Salisbury Cathedral, while he was away in the Holy Land she was the Sheriff of Wiltshire. Other bits of interesting information: Lacock Abbey was used for the filming of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, the village of Lacock has been used for many historical films and TV programmes.

Sky line walk in Bath, a great way to see this city.

Dyrham Park is a late 17th century manor and park. Its roof is currently under restoration and on the day we went they opened the roof to visitors for the first time. I dealt with my fear of heights and we were rewarded with a very different view of this manor house. The scaffolding took weighing 5 tonnes took 5 men 5 months to put up. Again beautiful grounds and the local church is beside this house.

The Jurassic Coast, Dorset. We spent a day here visiting Luworth Cove and Durdle Door which are part of the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. It was a rather wet and windy day at start but the weather improved. Quite a stunning piece of coastline.

Christchurch and Salisbury. We had a bit of ‘churchy’ day and visited the Priory in Christchurch, which is on the edge of the New Forest and then we went to visit Salisbury Cathedral. Both amazing places and well worth a visit. Salisbury township itself is also gorgeous.

Many of the fields we pass are full of rape-seed oil plants in full bloom, we in New Zealand know it by its other name, Canola. It is truly a spectacular sight.

On our last day in England until August the sun came out and for a brief wee while it was even warm so we spent the morning at Bournemouth, even the life guards were out and a few hardy souls were in the water.

We are now in our first workaway in a little village in Touzac in the South West of France. Loving it, but more of that later…..


2 thoughts on “Oh to be in England now that spring is here….

  1. Francisca Knottenbelt

    Great photos! It looks like you are having an amazing time wherever you go. Keep enjoying – you lucky things! Fransje. x


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