You could never tire of this view.

Overall we have spent seven weeks here on Monzie Estate, this has been spread over two different visits. It is the people who make this place special but without a doubt the breath-taking scenery is a real draw-card.  So here is a selection of photos from the Estate we chose to share with you. I think you can work out which ones come from Mike’s camera and which come from my Samsung A7.

The ever changing, yet never changing view from the farm house where we have lived with David and Alexandra.

This is what we woke up to every morning!



And some days it looked like this.




David, Alex and the ever joyful Atlas

The Castle grounds.


A view from Mike’s helicopter ride
Monzie Castle

Gardeners, the glorious holiday cottage by the Castle.


Gardner’s Cottage

Our stay here  has been wonderful, we have learnt so much about modern life on a Scottish Castle Estate. This is not for the faint of heart, it takes an enormous amount of money and courage to maintain a place like this. On this Estate alone there is a joinery business, a hydro power station, a farm with cattle and sheep, holiday lets and a Castle. There is bracken to be dealt with, fences and walls to be maintained, cottages and farm house that are rented out, old buildings requiring ongoing maintenance and then there is a castle that suffers in the Scottish weather and needs to be maintained, all the while keeping the likes of Historic Scotland happy. With all of this there are the employees, cabinet makers, finisher, farm manager, shepherd, gardener, admin people, who all contribute to the success of this Estate. David and Alexandra’s situation is similar to other people in the United Kingdom, people who are giving their all to maintain and enhance a piece of their country’s heritage so that it will be here in the future for people to enjoy. I take my hat of to them and I have no doubt that we will be back to visit.




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