Nelson Lakes. NZ

Mike and Susan Brebner, a 50 something couple who quit their jobs and bought a couple of backpacks, with the plan to spend a year travelling and saying ‘yes’.


9 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you for that kind offer. We had hoped to come to Melaka but we had the opportunity to volunteer at a school for Burmese refugees in the Cameron Highlands. Now we are going to Sarawak before flying out to the UK.
      Kind regards
      Susan and Mike


  1. Lucy Slater

    I can’t get over how wonderful those photographic images are Mike! You seriously need to consider a career change on return to NZ. Keep this YES year going!


  2. lucymdowling@gmail.com

    Hi you two.
    Loved reading about Ireland. Whetted my lips when I saw the brown bread! and mention of Clifden and Connemara my spiritual home. The country inspires me and it seems it has done the same to you. Making me homesick now. Lots of love from the 5 of us


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