Get Set…..


In 1985 I set off on my first big OE and I bought a new Nikon camera, it was a film camera and generally served me well. I eventually changed it for my first digital camera. For ages I was the family photographer.  A number of years ago Mike caught the bug and photography is now his big passion. You can see his work at  I know I am biased but I do think his work is pretty good!

We are starting to do some serious packing for this trip, we plan on being away for a least a year, so much to see and do, so many photos to take! The picture above has my camera gear on the left….my i-phone and my new Nikon camera, 10mpixils, built-in battery and memory card. Just comes with a cord for downloading and charging. On the right is Mike’s gear, bodies, lenses, straps, pods (mono and tri) filters and other bits and bods. My gear is measured in grams, Mike’s in kilograms! I think we will have to do some serious rationalising of gear before we leave. However, I know we will all (that is you too) enjoy Mike’s photos from this trip.

Our house is almost packed up, we are now using just  a few kitchen utensils and wearing a very limited number of clothes. Mike finishes work on Friday(Jan 9th), our last set of jabs are on Friday, a list of farewells begin and next Friday (Jan 16th) we move out of our house and stay with family until we fly on Jan 20th!


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